What will be manufactured by Load King?

Load King will be manufacturing the boom truck line, telescopic truck cranes and the Crossover series, previously branded as Terex. The acquisition marks the latest milestone in the continued expansion of Load King’s manufacturing portfolio, which already encompasses cutting-edge water tank, dump body, roofing conveyor, mechanics body and trailer lines. 

Boom Trucks

For lighter lifting, nothing beats the flexibility and reliability of Terex boom truck cranes. Able to travel at highway speeds, Terex boom truck cranes let you get to the jobsite, get set up, and get to work fast. No wonder you’ll often see them working multiple projects on multiple sites the very same day. They’re the “go to” crane for your bread-and-butter jobs.



Telescopic Truck Cranes

Combining highway mobility with heavy-lifting power, Load King truck cranes feature quick positioning and rigging so you can get right to work without losing a second. Easy to operate. Easy to maintain. Load King truck cranes provide a cost effective way to do more work and reach new heights with your business. The ergonomic cab offers a comfortable working environment that keeps the operator alert and productive from one job to the next.



Crossover Series

Regardless of the jobsite conditions, Crossover boom trucks are designed to meet your most demanding performance expectations. Whether you’re faced with maneuvering in a tight jobsite or lifting heavy loads with precise control, you can be assured your Crossover will be your steadfast partner in getting the job done safely and quickly.

The addition of the boom truck, truck crane and crossover product lines will enhance our customer value proposition of providing a one-stop shop for customized heavy equipment and service.

Fred Ross CEO, Custom Truck One Source